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20 Individually Wrapped Lemon Towelettes

Article number: 004
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Herban Essentials essential oil towelettes are made with the highest quality, pure lemon essential oil, which not only makes them smell amazing, but makes them naturally uplifting and rejuvenating as well. Lemon essential oil is naturally refreshing.


Ingredients: Water, Lemon Essential Oil, Lactobacillus Ferment (natural preservative), Polysorbate 20 (a natural emulsifier to keep oil & water mixed)

| Firenze 1966 13-07-2017 16:58

These are absolutely wonderful, a great pick me up! After I got mine, I had some sent to my sister as a gift. Will definitely buy again.

| Anonymous 13-07-2017 16:57

Nothing bad to say! These were a necessity when I recently had surgery and couldn't shower for a while. Have bought multiple times. They are so refreshing and leave my skin clean and refreshed. The nurses even commented on how nice they were when I was in the hospital because the scent really stays with you.

| J. Harris 13-07-2017 16:56

This feels great in the morning. I found that I can use the sheets several times as long as I put them back in the small packet and close the zip lock on the main package. They stay moist for several days after opening, if they are sealed up.

| Kimberly Stoddard 13-07-2017 16:55

Best-ever portable solution for
- disinfecting ariplane seats
- deterring mosquitos
- fighting jetlag
- alleviating headaches

| Claudia Cohl 13-07-2017 16:55

I always have to buy extra lemon towelettes because all my friends and family love them as much as I do. They're everywhere in my life--in my apartment and in my backpack and pockets. The only complaint I have is that it's difficult to find them in retail outlets and if I'm not on top of my stash I often run out.

| B A 13-07-2017 16:54

Who doesn't love a fresh, lemony scent when wiping their hands! I love the convenience of the individual packets, too. This is one of my favorite items ever, and can't go without at least a few tossed into my bag when I travel.

| Anonymous 13-07-2017 16:54

YOU WILL USE THESE! I order these over and over again. I have a compromised immune system and they are invaluable to me. The lemon scent is wonderful and is not offensive or too strong for other people. The price is quite reasonable compared to what I would pay at a local store.

5 stars based on 7 reviews