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20 Individually Wrapped Lavender Towelettes

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| Stasia 18-06-2018 13:52

I love these individually wrapped towelettes not just for cleaning or freshening up. I love them for calming down! Sometimes when I'm in a stressful situation I'll excuse myself, go to another room or the bathroom, and spend a few minutes deep breathing the soothing lavendar and wiping my hands and forearms. This routine with this lovely prouct helps me calm down right away.

| Marie Tordenskjold 13-07-2017 15:54

A must have! We now travel everywhere with a supply of these lovely, beautifully scented towelettes. What started with the need to clean our hands in the car or at school events has turned into a constantly expanding use list, including bedtime, where a gentle lavender cloth, applied to the temples and back of the neck, can send an anxious child to soothing sleep. Not sticky, not oily, just...clean. Thank you!

| Mary Athey 13-07-2017 15:53

Lovely aroma, I have loved these towlettes. I was recently on a plane from LA to JFK and took one out of clean up after lunch. The attendant was next to me as I rubbed my fingers and commented, "Is that lavender? That just makes me feel so relaxed to have that scent around me." I showed her the package and told her where I'd purchased it. You're going to have another customer.

| Defiant Gleeful Gecko 13-07-2017 15:52

SO MANY USES! I never go without these wipes. They smell so amazing and they work so well. Its refreshing after exercise or just to freshen up. It is wonderful individual packets that are thicker than those other wipes.. and they are so useful for cleansing after things like ultrasounds and such. Try them you wont regret it.

| Donna King 13-07-2017 15:46

Clean, pleasant fragrance and great cleaning - These towelettes are convenient, very well-made, and beautifully fragrant. When used on road trips, they give the whole car the scent of refreshing lavender. They are large enough to do a good job, and they are extremely useful in the car, in the house for cleaning hands after messy dinners, or just in the purse for a quick hand cleaning at any time. I highly recommend them, and would not be without them; they are much better than other brands.

| G. Richardson 13-07-2017 15:46

These are very good hand towelette wipes. The Lavender fragrance is fresh and clean. I have purchased these several times. They are great to carry in my computer bag, purse and luggage. They don't dry your hands out.

| Katie Taylor 12-07-2017 16:39

Do not leave your house with out these towelettes! These towelettes smell so great and work just as well. I have used them from getting stains off my son's fouton to simply sanitizing my hands after getting off the subway. I have literally used them to clean everything and anything that needs it- theyre just great and convient. I recommend buying them to anyone!

| Anonymous 12-07-2017 16:37

USE THEM FOR EVERYTHING - I lover these towelettes. They smell fantastic and I love that they are individually wrapped so I can always keep a couple in my purse and they don't dry out like a package of wipes tends to do. I find myself reaching for them for everything! I have also used the lemon, the peppermint, and they eucalyptus, and all of the scents smell good. I want to try the orange, I think it must smell wonderful. I have extremely sensitive skin and I am allergic to a lot of scents, but I do not react to these wipes at all. Fantastic prodoct.

5 stars based on 8 reviews